Pearl Seeds Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of the Best performing, High quality agricultural seeds in Uganda. It is a locally and legally incorporated private company in Uganda with the main objective to contribute towards poverty eradication and livelihood improvement of the small, medium and commercial farmers by providing constant supply of high quality seeds, timely and at affordable prices.

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Egg Plant

Janak F1 (Round)

First Picking: 70 75 Days after transplanting
Fruit Shape: Oval Round
Fruit Colour: Black
Fruit Weight: 150 - 500gms
  • Thornless
  • Very high yielding
  • Gives attractive black color fruits
  • Can be harvested from 150gm - 500gm

Cliff F1

First Picking: 55 - 65 Days after transplating
Fruit Shape: Oval Round
Fruit Colour: Purle Shining
Fruit Weight: 150 - 250gms
  • Thornless
  • Has slightly purple leaves
  • Can be harvested as big or small fruits

Purple Finger (Long)

First Picking: 60 - 70 Days after transplating
Fruit Shape: Long, Thick
Fruit Colour: Dark Purple
Fruit Weight: 80 - 120gms
  • Thornless
  • Very high yielding
  • Good shining fruits